Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Golden Building

The pictures below display "the golden building" that I can see from the interstate every time we come home from church. I've always wanted my dad to pull over so I can get a good picture of it all lit up but it's right when we're coming off the on ramp and so I had to satisfy myself with these photos.

I guess they're not all that bad considering they were taken from the window of a moving vehicle. But I do really want to get a "perfect" shot or two of the glorious building. "What is this building?" you ask. Well, I have no idea. I just know it's in downtown Missoula and it's beautiful. Especially at night with its bright lights against the black sky. Once, when we were going by it downtown I had my dad pull over so I could get some pictures. But, none of them turned out good . . . there was a stupid big, fat, ugly tree in the way no matter which way I turned. Sigh. Someday (maybe when I get my drivers license?), I'll just have to pull over and get a million bajillion ah-mazing, BREATHTAKING pictures of it. Mark my words. If ever I actually do get my license, I will. And . . . . . . . that's all I have to say. Good night.

*Chasity Sherelle Photography*


  1. I'm following both your blogs..! :) :)

  2. So I found out that this building is an old railroad station. I think. :)


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