Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Ol' Me

Just a two shots of me. :) Okay, no other photos came to mind but I knew I needed to post something and I took these myself awhile ago and had fun editing them so, yeah . . .

I flip my hair all around! :)


Friday, September 9, 2011

Things in My Backyard and Down by the River

My Backyard . . .

This is what our back stairs look like. 
Kinda cool looking up close but otherwise not so much.

A little side shot of my house and home.

My mother loves tomatoes and her tomato "garden" is growing marvelously this year.

This "giant spool" has been out on the bank just off our yard for awhile. 
I'm not sure how it got there . . .

I caught that bee red handed! (well, you know what I mean)

The wall behind me is part of the highway right by our house.

Down by the River . . .

These grasshoppers are EVERYWHERE!

As I walked they would hop away in front of me and I felt like I was herding grasshoppers!

These bridges are not the same . . .

This one is a railroad bridge while the one above is a walk bridge.

I <3 Montana!

They took out the dam a year or so ago and they're still cleaning up the river.
Logs and junk are all over the place!

This reminds me of a statue.

Old rusty things . . .

Well, it's not so rusty or old but it looked cool so whatever.

Scrap parts anyone?

My poor shoes got all dirty and filled with sand. :(
Maybe next time I'll remember to change my shoes . . .
. . . or maybe I'll continue to go in style. :)
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