Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Follow Me On Bloglovin?

Rumor has it: "Google Friend Connect" is being shut down for people that don't have a blogger account tomorrow so . . .

Blog Update: I decided to have my blog copied over to Bloglovin' so people that don't have a blogger account can still follow me.

My Comment: I personally think it'd just be easier to get a blogger account then to go to all the trouble and follow on Bloglovin' but whatever suits you is fine.

A random picture from January. 

*Chasity Sherelle Photography*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun in the Season of Fall

Back on October 8th of last year . . .

. . . Bella (my youngest niece) and Auntie Becky (one of my older sisters) ran off from Bransen's (Bell's older brother) birthday party to . . .

. . . have their own party of throwing leaves!




This one looks so sweet! I really like it!

*Chasity Sherelle Photography*
P.S. I had taken other pictures of the party but forgot to share them afterwards but I just found these and had to post them!
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