Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Challenge Is Over! Here's Who Won!

I put up this picture of mine so you wouldn't see who won until you clicked on the post. Hehe. ;)

Sorry for not posting who won sooner but I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't get on the computer.

So I had put up a poll with the pictures that were entered and there was a tie between these two below:


Congratulations to both of you girls! ♥♥♥

Here's a button for you two!

(Just copy the picture and paste it onto your blog)

I loved every photo entered and thanks to everybody who entered! Oh! Also I would like to do another type of photo challenge next month hopefully so any ideas you might have please share! Thanks! =)


  1. Oh, cool!! A tie!! :) Thanks for hosting the photo challenge and I will put this button on my blog!! :)

  2. Congrats Britt and Lindy J!!!!!! Amazing photos!!! And great challenge Chasity!!!
    Hm, contest ideas........maybe you could try to do good photos with a certain function on a camera, like a color filter or macro, or something like that. It would be cool, maybe!
    Great post!!!

    1. Thanks for your ideas! They're great!!

  3. Congrats, girls!! :) Maybe you could do a challenge like "Take a photo from a low angle" or something like that :) Just an idea!!


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