Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dressed Up on the Walkbridge

My brother's sweetheart my friend Jeri was over last night. We dreesed her up and made my brother Kirk dress up too. Then I grabbed my camera and took them over to the walkbridge across the street from our house. Jeri's so cute and Kirk is such a dork. Cutest couple ever, right? :)

Some random cat in the nieghborhood

Headed to the bridge

The sun is setting . . .

Jeri: "Do you see any fishes?" Kirk: "No. You don't like fish anyways."
Jeri: "Just not when they're by my feet!" Kirk: (rolls eyes)

Kirk is so dorky!

Kirk: "Uh, this is weird . . . are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Me: "Postive."

That is a pretty cute dude wouldn't you agree?
He doesn't look like a nerd here. :)

They're so adorable!

Jeri: "Wee! This is fun! Isn't it Kirky?"
Kirk: (looking for fish) "Sure."

He has the prettiest eyes ever! And they're green! So cool!

Ha ha! I love how my lil' bro Ryan snuck into the picture.
And I even told him it'd be $10 per photo that he was in! lol

His face! He looks like a zombie! LOL!

They talked . . .

. . . and talked . . .

. . . and talked!

And I took some pictures while they did so.

Awwww! <3

*Chasity Sherelle Photography*


  1. Very sweet. These pictures made me smile :)

  2. What a sweet couple :) Great pictures girly! :)

  3. They are sooooooooo cute :)


  4. Thank you scraps of starlight and Megan. :) They are a pretty fun couple.


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