Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~A Beautiful Musical Instrument~

So last Saturday my dad suprised me and got me a violin at a gun and antique show. I had been wanting a violin so I could take lessons since last year but it didn't quite work out until he found this one for $100 with the case which is worth $25 so I'd say it was a good deal. The D string had broken off and it looked like it was due to someone trying to tune it because the D string tuner was completely turned all the way to the right. But we got that fixed yesterday and tuned so now it is ready to play. I'm starting lessons today. :) My piano teacher knows basic violin so she's going to teach me until I become more advanced. I praise the Lord that this is all working out so smoothly and quickly.

Before it got fixed .  . . 

 . . . and afterwards :)

It sure is pretty don't you think?


  1. It's very pretty! :) I got a violin a few months ago and I am REALLY enjoying it! Hope you are enjoying yours too! :)

    Happy Playing!


  2. Thank you. :) Yeah I took my first lesson today and it was pretty fun. I thought it'd be harder but it actually feels natural to pull the bow back and forth over the strings.

  3. It was fun listening to you play..... random notes.... but hey I'm sure you will be an amazing Violin player :)



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