Monday, September 24, 2012

Beautiful Nature

A little over a week ago on my main blog I had said that I would post some other pictures than the ones I had posted over there. So here are the shots I got up at Diamond Lake and the surrounding area of the beautiful nature created by God.

























  1. These are beautiful photos. That is so neat that you saw a moose!!! when I visited Montana I really wanted to see a moose, but we didn't :( I love all the photos- they all are so beautiful. You are so talented at taking photos!!!

    1. Thank you very much Britt! Yes it was pretty neat that I saw the moose and her baby and was able to capture them in time. Thanks again! =)

  2. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove 1,2,9, and 19 they are sah-weetness :)

  3. Hey Chasity! Luv your pics!!!!! They are all soooooo pretty. I hope things are going great over there, say hi to kalee for me cuz I lost her email address :D.....Megz :P

    1. Hey Megan!! Thank you! Things are going well, and I will say hi to KayleeBeth for you! =) I need to email you! I keep forgetting to! =/ I will try to do that sometime this week! =)

  4. oh wow I really like these pictures!! these are so good! And that picture of that frog!!! oh that's so good.
    I really like your blog! now I'm going to go check out your main blog ;)
    have a great day!

  5. Love these photos!

  6. So where is diamond lake at!!!? This is a really pretty place and would not mind visiting it!

    1. It's out by the McGuffey's. We'll have to take you if we go next year. =)


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